Who's Hot, Who's Not Letra


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Letra de Who's Hot, Who's Not
once upon a time
in the early days of rhyme
rap was just an aoddity
not today's commodity
a sure form of self expression
not violence and wealth obsession
so please let me take this chance
to change your mind and make you dance!

who's hot, who's not?

well, i wanna take you back to the brooklyn streets of the 1970's
where kids played beats by stomping their feet
and became the first mc's
cause you know what they were rapping about positivity
despite the fact that they were living an a greature poverty

now all we ever seem to find is another greedy fool with an empty mind

we got a hunger for a real donation
true mc's with imagination
go back in your memory
way back before the money
tip your hat to the old school
straight up, too fresh and so cool

this is a love song, this is a love

they walked down staircases in their fat shoelaces
and they had smiling faes on
cause you know that their flow caused a hippity show
breakers breaking till the break of dawn

had the party shaking to the tracks they wre making
these guys could do no wrong
they rocked the house keeping all the words
up party-moving all night long

now it's not about bouta bouta wha'da ya got
but what you gotta gotta gotta to give
giving to the people i the hottest of hot
so start thinking about the love you can live

maybe now you have realized the things they tell are really lies
but don't you fret 'cause this quartet will never let you forget about love

this is a love song, this is a love