Letra de Out Of Line
Got ya share of nuthin' stukk with nuthin'
Your mind idle, can't get the sleep
The ground is shakin' and you wanna land fast
You're out of function lyin' flat on the street

Always gotta be the first in 'da line
A play with death to be no. 1
Cruzin' with the boys in the trashed part of town
Raise my lust of madness when I'm feelin' down

Drinks are flown'
My heart is blowing'
Another night in another town

Ooh I love the taste of cyanide
Ooh how I love to feel it burn inside
I'm on the hour and I've been there for a long time
But somehow I feel like I'm fading out of line

Hang around in the pit of my lair
I levitate, gotta get outta here
I'm born a rebel with 'da neck in the noose
They never tame me, can't change what I do