It's A Miricle Letra


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Letra de It's A Miricle
my weak resistance, of yer flower
got me infected, coz i was to blind to see
everyone told me, but did i listen
no I was sick'n tired of the same reply from thee

you lead the game, I followed...
you were the bait, I swallowed...

it's a miracle you walk the earth, alone
it's a miracle I stand beside you
yer like a plague in a wide'n open show
you pass it on like I need it the most

I smelled yer rose'n caressed yer pelats
never bothered by the thorns that made me bleed
coz I longed to feel you so deep inside me
but now I'm stukk with you forever without remedy

you lead the game, i followed...
you were the bait, i swallowed...

you knew my pain...
you lead the game...
and I followed yeah I followed
your lies, your play, yer all the same to me...