Letra de Passing Time
Cobblestones, Guggenheim, bare trees
Reservoir, cracks in a wall, fallen leaves
Two little girls making snow angels for Dad to see

Cigarette, sailor's coat, it's getting dark
Winding paths, stone steps, sound of cars
Lights coming on inside and outside Central Park

I'm suspended now and when
Nothing happens here my friends
A bus is late, a rainy day
Photos of a friend of mine
Passing time

Myths of friends, heroic deads, history
Magic beads, beginners loves, scraped-up knees
Two little boys stealing crab apples from neighbor's trees

Shining eyes, auburn hair and a backward glance
A snapshot in a penguin suit at a senior dance
Hearts getting hardened to the breakup of first romance

Nothing's ended gentleman
All the trappings, means and ends
Hudson Bay, the appointed date of a lover's valentine
Passing time

Rays of light, rippled glass, a room to cross
Specks of dust drifting now and landing lost
Two long time friends reading Walt Whitman and Robert Frost

Cup of tea, cotton robe, winter scene
Corridors, elevators, reckoning
Outside the window
Two snow angels are beckoning