Letra de Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
I'm gonna tell you why
I'm no longer down hearted.
I was at this reception, got a tap on the shoulder
from a previous mess I'd made.
I said, "Get lost or get along."
See her in that wedding dress,
she's more or less respectable.

I'm gonna tell you why
I've had a change of mind.
You never know what you'll find.
See her in that wedding dress,
I've obtained something impossible.

I need to tell you why
things might start going my way now.
I'm gonna tell you how.
See her in that wedding dress,
when she whispered, "Yes,' I nearly hit the floor.

La ha ha ho!
Honey, you know everyone is watching you now
and I know every guy watching you pass on by,
they think the same thing as I.
They say, "My, my, my, isn't she beautiful?"

Bitter on the back pew,
the girl with the glass eye and porcupine smile.
She's been left so far behind.
But you in that wedding dress,
My, how I love your preciousness and an open bar.

No more talk of a crooked past
and all my well thought out flaws.
Come chase those dark thoughts.
Her in that wedding dress,
she'll chase those dark thoughts, at least for a while...