Letra de Warm Coma
Warm Coma (B-side on "Wet Playground single BC40-01)
The Undiscovered Self still hides,
don't know nor care what was once inside.
I was her animal coming in from the cold
She says, "Go, go, go...
I don't need your charity or a promise that you'll stay with me."
I was an American working for the state.
It will take a miracle to bring her back today.
My little thrash in the woods ...
I can't stop thinking of that come-hither look.
Though we run deeper than most ...
can't sever the body from the ghost.
She's always one step ahead of me ...
She falls into a warm coma.
I let that girl damage my world,
don't know nor care- what's mine is hers.
She was so cynical; she'd put you in your place
She said, "Wait, wait, wait ... nobody's ever tried to save me ...
don't know much about give and take ...
but won't you come down to me? What about to day?
I'll take your charity and your promise that you'll stay with me."