The Coffee Poet Cracked Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de The Coffee Poet Cracked
The Coffee Poet Cracked
The coffee poet cracked
my waiter/poet friend is back.
Suddenly, he gives to me, kaddish from his memory
Oh man! He?s got it so bad.
But to be more like him
to sing songs of giving in ...
to those you fancy ...

The coffee poet?s sad
but complains his life?s not so bad.
Suddenly, those next to me, whisper and then laugh out loud
and soon a fight breaks out. v I watch newspaper racks
emptied on wet streets ...
below me ...

Not another window to the world
I've seen enough to stick with the girl.
Still, it unnerves me ...
ocean sky, me and my life,
we?ll end up just like always.
Don't you sense me ... in the evening
standing nauseous ... in you closet.
"Let?s get you published ... a new wish list"
I will say ... therefore, I am.

The coffee poet is back, y?all
he posted bail and made it before last call
he says "first thought is best thought"
well, that never works for me
"too many write, too few read"
and then he gives me
the most enviable ...
jacket with torn sleeves ...
jacket with torn sleeves ...