Letra de Soviet Tanker
Soviet Tanker
Our love, like that Soviet tanker,
abandon in the twilight... no life for hundreds of miles,
our polar regions unreachable.
Our love, like that Soviet tanker,
nothing left beneath unopened arms... cracked hull oil tanker,
full of cold Soviet bones.
Our love, like that Soviet tanker,
a love no one cares to see... creaking and wind blown,
we've nothing but memories.
Our love, like that Soviet tanker,
waiting for warmth beneath a rusted speck of a sun...
a sun that turns its back to us, and sets without a fuss.
She said, "We were shut down before take-off,
next time we'll welcome the galaxy."
Well I don't know what that means;
anyway, there will be no "next time" for her and me.
My runway, frozen, cracked, thawed, refrozen,
turned to blacker ice.
She said, "I'm with you through thick and thin ...and thick and thin again."
Dark headed angel, come tell me about real things.
I've been to your website, still I go un-held at night.
Come down and earn a living.
Sad catholic schoolgirl
trapped at "Lady Of The Eternal Hardship"
(or was that "Everlasting Misery?")
Poor little flower, she wanted dearly to go un-churched.
Well if she wants you then let her;
if she loves you then let her. I can't
stop thinking about our last long goodbye...
where we forgot to say "goodbye."