My Little Inner City Ghoul Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de My Little Inner City Ghoul
My Little Inner City Ghoul
Was it a silver jumpsuit?
She said, "No. It was gray."
Well, she blew my mind when she pulled the zipper away.
Upstairs in that east side bar where we talked of universe and galaxy;
on the walls they projected animalscapes and ocean floor madness.
She wasn't my intended lover, but a decoy, a guide,
without markings, that arrived,
providing nothing more than space helmet joy...
anyway, we both seemed happy.
Yeah, that little inner city ghoul...
the kind of girl you take to the stairwell
near load-in for bands, between U-hauls and vans,
up all night - it's best she's never seen in the daylight.
Yeah, my little inner city ghoul,
the one that still lives at home with her mother
and her mother's fourth husband -
the one that dresses in all black and doesn't kiss half bad.