Maxine Had a Visitor Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de Maxine Had a Visitor
Maxine Had a Visitor (B-side on "Wet Playground single BC40-01)
I am a burden to land and sea.
What's to be done with me?
Going my way I don't suppose?
Then there's Tam, a foot taller than me.
Couldn't call her Tammy cause she wouldn't let me.
"Oh well, suit yourself, if you gotta"(? Oh, you know I gotta.)
Maxine had a visitor.
On her turntable: the Church and Lloyd Cole.
Standing close, changing all of her clothes,
making sure I notice.
Yeah, I noticed ...but I did nothing.
Maxine, it's gonna be a happy world
(well, at least it dreams)
but it's hard being me right now.
A courtship sunk off the coast of nothingness,
what a mess... what a mess.
Maxine had a visitor.
Her and her turntable are long gone.
I couldn't believe I was kept from knowing until someone showed me,
"Yeah, that's Tam." Still a foot taller than me.
I couldn't call her "Tammy" to her face.
She lost that look; I lost that right;
when we fell apart one night.
I did nothing. I should have done something.