Letra de Hello Pharmacist
Hello Pharmacist
I've never known anyone like you;
I'd like to keep it that way.
I've never known anyone like you;
I hope you never change.
But darling, you're lost...
like a kept souvenir
soon to be tossed.
When you suggest I follow you,
well, there's no easy way to say
if you feel as I do, then darling, you're lost too.
Everything I've told you is true.
I'm so sick and tired of hearing otherwise.
When times are tough and things go bad,
you dream of what others have.
You shouldn't do that.
...You can't disappear, but only move on.
Maybe I should call this song "Pay Phone."
Well; I stood there all night long.
Maybe call this "Lack Of Community."
Well, that's a thought that consumes me.
Darling we're lost,
but we can't disappear.
Maybe we should move on.
If I could, why couldn't you?
Oh, but you're back on the phone.
If I could read her lips I'd see her say, "Hello pharmacist."
I don't understand people younger or older than me ...
And people my own age give me the creeps.
Be careful in whom you confide
cause I tried with a pint by my side...
and it ended the night.