Has Been and Wife Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de Has Been and Wife
Has Been and Wife
I know where your head is, it only goes to show:
with an arm full of babies, a supermarket line.
You feel your life's wasted; you lost hope long ago,
no longer love to call your own.
Has-been and wife;
you'd feel much safer if he'd never face you.
I know what it means to want more from life.
Who to blame for this failure? You both guided your-selves there.
I know what you're thinking: it comes with self-control.
But I can tell when you're faking; you hurt more than you show.
Speak softly of the favor; I give and then I go.
Still, we have nothing to call our own.
Has-been and wife;
she's secretly forming a mind of her own.
I know what it means when she says, "Turn out the light.
I don't want to go un-held tonight."
This presence of fear, it builds from year to year.
To say you're staying to save nothing worth saving
(but this instinct of weakness.) You give more, you take less...
don't tell me about regrets.
Don't you feel your life's moving fast forward,
taking you nowhere, until you're no one in the end?
Well who has been your friend for half of your life?
She said, "Life has let me down;
still I will not cry on your shoulder."
She said, "Life has let me down."
I don't know when and when not to hold her.