Letra de Happy Hollowdays
Happy Hollowdays
Oh, to be a window washer forty stories high
above a city known only for crime.
They seem so safe with their harness and pulley knowledge
as the cables swing during brisk wind at year's end.
Do they know I'm down below never having felt so grounded?
In the evening, I'll come around.
We're happy this way, this way that we stray;
won't you please tag along?
Until the day breaks - don't know where I'll wake,
let me walk you back home...
Happy Hollowdays... Happy Hollowdays.
An international space station is being built
while I'm on all four's never having felt so sick.
I find no suitable pharmaceuticals to suit me.
In the evening, I'll come around...
Window washers- do they watch the secretaries fold their long legs
in office cubicles? Yeah, that's what I'd do...
I'd watch them fold their long legs in office cubicles,
yeah, that's what I'd do.
In the evening, I'll come around...no postcard view, only nightfall.