Letra de Fur Cap
Fur Cap
I had a bicycle in the city.
I watched a thin blanket of clouds at the horizon
darken the streets below pavement, gray and still.

Sharing a bath with her and that fur cap.
Yeah, the one with the large ear flaps
that's all she was wearing and it was?
Oh, how I wished winter would last forever.

The sky brightened to a dull gray
like someone had just painted some pleasant mistake.
Her and that crazy fur cap?
that's all she was wearing and it was winter.

The sky ash-colored the streets at dusk,
yeah, it's a shame what became of us.
Sometimes late at night I think "Oh well... it's only life."
People like me hate summer.
Summer's for the simple minded and free.
Winter's for those burdened and heavyhearted... like me.

Her and that fur cap, Wow!
Yeah, I'd like to see her walking back.
How could I have let something like that slip away?
Now I've a six-hour walk to the airport
in a heavy coat and with darker thought.
Her and that crazy fur cap?
I'd like to get just a little bit more of that.