Disaster (You're My Greatest) Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de Disaster (You're My Greatest)
Disaster (You're My Greatest)
She use to come around,
she made come-hither sounds.
Do I miss her? Yeah, I guess I'll always ...
She liked uptown ... I liked working my way down.
I've given up on love ...
Well, that's all there ever was between us.
I took her twenty stories to the top,
she leaned over and said, "We could live or drop."

She's my greatest disaster ...
My greatest failure thus far.
I don't know what I was after ... disaster's come and go,
some fast, some slow.

She meant so much to me...
Too much went unsaid.
It's time to let the world know ...

I liked watching her braid her hair.
like a fool I just stood there.
"Did you tell her how you felt?"
No ... I never ...I guess I should have
She's my greatest disaster...