At Grand and Ludlow Letra

Craig Bennett

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Letra de At Grand and Ludlow
At Grand and Ludlow
She wears clothes made of future fabric
showing leg with every step
When she said "Let?s play rough..."
that meant more to me than words of love.

Waiting for her at Grand and Ludlow
during the first autumn rainfall
I never get as good as how good I give.

She?s zipping up her neon pink plastic boots
the ones she swore mass transit ruined
well I heard about the horror, kid
It's about who you're with not who you once did.

Yeah, you should see her today she?s looking up
new words to say, yeah, people make way ...
Well, was it my heart she had? Man, what I thought was real
felt good until
I was let go ...
At Grand...and Ludlow

She?s expensive
and she?s very hard to hold.
Somehow all of her nonsense
makes me want her even more ....