Heaven's Not Overflowing Letra

Corrosion Of Conformity


Letra de Heaven's Not Overflowing
Ih have been hunting on the i-10 with jesus and a liar
And watched anancient mann use a gun to retire
Iai seen the wall fall down and crush the old
So now every bodys hungry but theyed rather be cold
Let it go , let it go, let it go b
Before we lose it all in time whats
Deserved always gets served
Cause we stick therefore we can, break down endtime
Hey fool havent you heard heavens not over flowing
Andi i been to a seance for the klu klux klan,
I ve seen a brother kill another w?ith hisown bare hand
I seen your rising son fall in your mamas eye
And now the cops got a m edal but he calls it a prize.
Let it go let it go let it geaux
Before we lose it all% in time
Blah blah .blaah blah blahh,
Cause we stick therefore we can break down end time
Hey fool havent you heard havens not over flowing
You know the rules only apply on the witness stand
At that you never get in trouble if you stick with your plan
Thits why im livin for the day like a necromancer
Cause when you go your gone take the pain back stabber.
Stick me & let it go...