Letra de Break The Circle
Ultimate, Desolate Condition Of Man
Laid To Waste
Born Again, Dead Again, Once Again
Take Me Out Of This Place

You're In Violation, You Cross The Line
The Line You Found Within Your Mind
And When The Process Comes Undone
You Die Alone, The Victory's None

Hear The Warning, The End's Beginning
When You Break The Circle, You Have No Right To Live

Its The Breaking Of The Circle Right At The Start
Which Makes This Mother Fall Apart
In This Division Of The Law
You're Driven To The One Last Flaw


Heal These Wounds
Terminal, Criminal Sedition Of Man
On Earth
Born Again, Dead Again, Once Again
Tyranny Awaits Rebirth

Greed Kills The Need And Bleeds The Lines
Now Your Brilliance No Longer Shines
Charred Remains The Way You Feel
And Still In Time These Wounds Won't Heal


When You Kill The Mother, There Is No Other