Letra de Santana Row
They cut down the orchard five years ago
And the sky since that time has been filled up with crowns
Just a murder of shadows with nowhere to fall
Sometimes they block out the sun
And you can't see at all

The coal mine caught fire in 1912
And everywhere you go there's that damn sulfur smell
All our food tastes like ashes, our restaurants burned down
Sometimes I wish that that fire
Would just sweep through this town

I know where you keep your tresses
Your favorite dresses
All of your secrets you'd rather not tell
Your lies, your bedroom eyes
Oh, I know you too well

I want to feel the rain as it taps on your skylight
And the dark of your room at midnight
I want to run naked through the church sprinklers with you
When you were sixteen
Oh, I know where you go when you dream

We dance a broken marionette's waltz
As time beats upon it's drum
All we've done now cannot be undone
So don't say goodbye
Because I know where you go when you die

Well, it smells like summer
But it looks like rain
It must be the goddamn crows again
The sun never shines down on Santana Row
It set for the last time a long time ago