Letra de Good Morning
The night, she is old
She walks with a cane
She is tapping it down the side walk
In warning of the day

With careful, cold fingers
She is collecting her shroud
Laid by the milk
At the step of each house
Just the scraps of the gown
Of that orange-haired girl
Who is courting the Dusk
Halfway 'round the world

Behind blue-stained hills
The prisoner waits
He is rattling the sun
Like a ball on a chain
His coat is the sky
The stars are his food
But he's pursuing a woman
Who is pursuing her youth

Beds will be stirring
As I turn a key in it's lock
The gambler should have known
What was won must be lost
An auto-piano played
This song to the dark
And the clock, it did weep
While it pushed us apart

Love is a gear
That will turn on its own
Dispensing the bottles
To the ones left alone
We will bury the bones
Of our hearts one more time
As we drink to the ghost
Of the end of the night