Descartes' Daughter Letra

Corpus Callosum

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Letra de Descartes' Daughter
Descarte's Daughter is now resting
At the bottom of the sea
Just a soul that's in control
Of the gears of a machine
Just the hand of man stepping in
Where the hand of God should have been
So they threw Descarte's Daughter
Down into the water

And now she lies below the waves
If logic is the difference between animals and man
As she was going overboard, well, she was heard to say
I think, therefore I am

Descarte's Daughter was the apple
Of the mind of her father
And the product of the hands
Of a genius clockwork maker
Well, she ain't no procreation
She's just automation
Just the winding of a spring that brings forth
Life's imitation

One wonders, is there a Heaven for machines
One wonders, has she finally gone to pieces
Resting at the bottom with rust that never sleeps
And the ticking of a tock in a breast that never ceases