Letra de Death Message
When I am dead, the world will carry on
I beg of you, my friends, be tenderhearted
Be generous about me when I'm gone
It's easy to speak ill of the departed

The little space we have should be untainted
We've nowhere to live but in your thoughts
We're, none of us, as bad as we are painted
Leave vengeance and prejudice to the courts

The dead should teach the living what to do
You pardon me and I will pardon you

They'll cut me down and take me to the lab
The flesh will fall apart beneath the knife
A steaming heap of awful on a slab
That's all that will be left of someone's life

My deeds were once the terrors of the town
You lived in fear and trembling of me
Now someone from the morgue will sluice me down
First the bucket, then the sewer, then the sea

If that is how the end is going to be
I'll pardon you if you will pardon me

(A voice is calling to you from the tomb)
(A cry of agony, a cry of rage)
(A muffled voice inside a padded room)
(A wounded animal inside a cage)

(The empty heavens will not hear my prayers)
(For where is God within a prison cell?)
(So if my misery goes anywhere)
(It will be sucked into the vaults of Hell)

(You must be pulled apart, you must be put in chains)
(You must be flung into a stinking hole)
(Before you see the little that remains)
(Before you see the damage to your soul)

Let Heaven smash your fucking faces
And thrash you and let the blood run free
And break you in a thousand places
I pray to God you pardon me