Letra de Alice:
Well, there goes a girl
I've learned to love to hate
An outline of a ghost
With a similar name
And softly I'll speak it
One lost, lonely syllable
I've heard her echo
Through these halls
But lately, it's been
A sunken shadow in her place

Well she's ate herself
It's what's kept her whole
Her lungs have collapsed
And her heart breathes cold
With a split chest
Full of missing beats
A little more like me
She sings

While my eyes bleed dry
I have no soul

And we children keep our faith
In open hands
Sleeping together
As stars roll past
And in the dusk
We have found we've lost
For in the cold of night
Some were robbed
And hollow, now
I've learned I'm sad

But for those who escaped the rain
With tears in their eyes
To her they came
As if that life
Was a secret to be told
To ones who have never
Loved at all

Well, fuck them, they will learn to hate
They will learn to hate