Letra de Sexy Rape
Sexy rape, you know you got me going
The knife is glinting, the blood is flowing
Sexy rape, quiet as a whisper
Pussy juice on my dick, hymen on my finger
Sexy rape, you are feeling me
You know I love it when I hear you scream
Sexy rape, don't you know
I'll be forcin' on your cushion, 'til the early morn
Sexy Rape, you're crying out for help
But I'm only encouraged by your strangled yelp
Sexy rape, it feels real this time
If you're starting to like this, then this thrill aint mine
Sexy rape, so beautiful and tender
Especially considering the blood on my member
Sexy rape, you shout for the police,
Trying to make me jealous but I'll just give you more of my piece.

Sexy rape...I wont hold back
I'll keep going
'Till I've ripped open...your...crack