Letra de In Love With You
[Verse 1:]
Now I've seen too many wannabe players
Turn around and get played
Cause they be underestimating females sour taste
So I'm staying on my toes
I never get too comfortable
But when I run into you I just seem to lose control

Didn't mean to get so caught up
Now I'm calling you constantly
I can feel the attraction attracting me to ya
And I'm so caught up
No don't you ever leave
Just stay with me
Just stay with me

Finally gravity pulled us closer
I feel like somebody just knocked me over
And I'm falling
I'm falling so in love with you
With you with you

[Verse 2:]
Now I thought it only worked on suckers
Can't nobody fit the game on me
But I'm chasing after ya
See you found a symphony
Cause I fell so deep in love
Tryna be where you are
And I just lose control


[Chorus x3]