Cold War Blues Letra


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Letra de Cold War Blues
Hey mister, what's going on? The skies are all black.

I've been praying for months, but I'm convinced that no one's got my back.

My head's straight, but crooked bodies are the hobby, so I say

"So long, so long! This is all wrong."

Hey mister, did you read it in the papers,

We've got ten tongues and they're immune to every flavor because

We reached out to grab what we already have and burned them all.

So we swear, "So close, co close!"- what a joke...

I'm a messenger of peace,

But these pairs, they come in threes...

Too many people, just skinning their knees.

No hope, no hope...

No hope, no hope

Most of these people, they choke

Crucifixion is the form of our addiction,

I see a room of creatures drinking blood before a teacher who says,

"Come on my sons, the world is a gun, and we're all nervous fingers...

But don't shoot, don't shoot! Not in this room."

Laid back and selling bibles through an old shop window,

It's old news, but people read it like they didn't know.

We opened our eyes for one lonely night, but still broke down in the snow.

"So cold, so cold! We can't be alone."

But I've got nothing left to lose,

When the people get up, there's always someone left to hit the snooze.

I'm tired of seeding through what's wrong and what is right,

With no hope, no hope...

One more cold war

You'll find a message at your door,

"A few more, and then the world is at our feet!"

Your eyes are glued to the screen,

Yeah it's a sad commission,

But we're paid to please.

Down down down down,

The people march to every sound,

Down down down,

The twisted smiles are all around,

Down down down,

Down where we all belong