Broken Megaphone Letra


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Letra de Broken Megaphone
A homeless man asked me which way to go, well I didn't know

so I sent him back home.

The truth hurts but so does a lie when it's kept in too long,

well it didn't belong.

And we wait, and we wait, for a sign saying

"Hey! It doesn't matter, you're doing alright."

And no one can tell you it's different, you choose your own life,

so why choose to fight?

The apartment smells different when you come home,

maybe you've just been away for too long.

Your animals, they run up to greet you because you're all that they know.

It's a pitiful show.

And we breathe, and we breathe, and we scream what we mean!

But it fades as it's reaching your throat...

Still the homeless man hears me, and wonders "Who is he?"


Time heals all

Time steals all

Well, that's not comforting...

The people, they carry diseases, we marry

and decorate rooms for our kids.

Maybe someone's happy, while others are laughing, saying:

"I never got that far, and probably never will..."

And we bleed, and we bleed

"Release this spirit within me!! Is anyone looking? Can anyone see?"

It's not just a sign, we are growing apart...

There's no touching, just a lone (I) in (me).

Time heals all

Time steals all

Well, that's not comforting...

More people walk by me, like ghosts in a hallway-

bumping shoulders to look for their god.

But if you really think he's watching, why don't you stop talking

and forgive all the people that you love?

And we dream, and we dream, of a great time machine

that will solve all our problems at last...

But we'll just fuck it up and keep making excuses,

blaming neighbors for their different paths!

A lady down at the station waits patiently while her nation

is using her sons for the war.

And she cringes every time that ridiculous guy

comes on TV and says, "We'll keep fighting more."

And she waits, and she waits, for her children to play

once again in the garden outside.

But she knows it won't happen, the years keep on passing-

Like an endless war-torn lullaby.

Time heals all

Time steals all

Well that's not comforting...