Letra de Black Cat
The difference between us is all we've got

And there's nothing keeping us here.

I'm a one-legged man, so I've got to hop,

To run away from all of my fears.

I'm complying with law so we don't get hurt.

But it looks like your hands are uncuffed...

If you're playing with fire, you might get burned,

So tell me when you've had enough.

I tried cheering you up, but you wanted it rough.

Patience is holding me back,

Yeah it's holding me, holding me.

I'm keeping my mind in tact.

Oh no!

I shouldn't have gotten so close,

But I'm drawn to these people the most.

You laid on the floor all white,

The candles made fool of night,

Projecting your image high,

As they tried to come alive.

But acting as though I knew,

I really was falling deeper into blue.

Yeah it's true.

I'm going to miss you.

Now there's people in the streets.

And they're waiting for God to come down.

I wonder what their kids are doing right now...

Well Jamie's in jail, and the rest are downtown.

There's another murder on the news

And they said it was around where your at.

Images filled my head of it being you.

Turns out it was suicide, and you're no good at that.

Maybe you just attract death, because you're a black cat.