Letra de Temperteam
Lay me down, you lay down and ask me
Where I'm from, what will I do now?
'we had a chance kid,'
I heard him tell me
'we're new best friends,'
Whats the hell's that mean?
I need my meat cut neat

I heard you said just what she told me
And we laughed, til he turned on me
When I turned back
Felt his arm start swinging
Felt his fist crack, on more attack
I hit him back
And we're two brothers burning
And two bodies burn

He don't welcome me
On the road in my country
He don't welcome me
My guts pour out
In the eyes of god,
Stone from my mother
Don't have the heart,
To tell me
I'm a mistake, believe
I'm a mistake in me
And she can hear me scream
And throw my temperteam