Long Story Short Letra


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Letra de Long Story Short
you can't look past my only loss
you gotta mutilate it out when it comes to cross
the average person, not even clear
in three dimensions you won't find them in a year

as for the sidekick, well he's alright
to shine some light right over deep into the night
'but when its studied,' said Billy the Kid
'is how I'm finding out what kind of town this is.'

well I don't encounter too much no more
I gotta guy who does, thats what I pay him for
I work for free now, so to say
when I heard of you were such an honest Abe.

I sought my chances out in the woods
said 'I don't have time for many, but felt the town was good..'
he wasn't watching, I looked in his eye
thats where I came in and drowned him in his back

well I'm important to your cause now
I'll melt the cocaine from against your lips til you're cashed out
there are no trenches out in the war
if there was I wouldn't pray to him no more