Letra de Dreaming
Are you in or are you out?
Tell me what is this about?
Are you friend or are you foe
Oh, and tell me no means no

Is it fading away?
What we had, nothing to say
You're always dreaming, dreaming
She was just a girl, she'd say
I am of the world today

Friend or foe
But did you know something more
That I should have known
It was ugly, ugly, ugly, ya

She was dreaming
And the world was all around you
Yes it was always you,
You, you, you ...
It was always, you, you, you...

Do you sit behind your box
Still wondering why?
Do you sit inside your metal sigh?
Hiss to me, disagree,
It's what I wanted.

She was dreaming, always dreaming
Bottle up your back
Ah, you can't relax when I'm around
Well all I wanted to say was hello,
Hello, hello, hello, hello,

You were always dreaming
Of your suburb hill
You were dreaming
Of the men you'd kill
You were dreaming
You were scheming to run away
Run away, run away