Letra de My Dunks
Please could you not step on my DUNKS?
...Don't get dirt on my DUNKS
They make me dizzy from the back to the front.

I haven't took them off ONCE,
And I've been cleaning them for MONTHS
I'm in love with my white... NIKE DUNKS

He likes to buy his clothes from these designer shops,
Www. I really don't give a fuck .com
He's the boy that likes to stop mid-strut
Just to check that the white on his shoes is still showing up

He's one sick-pup his fashion sucks
And the boy seems to always make me throw up,
'I can't believe you just did that!' I can't believe how stuck,
In a time warp this boy seems to be, it's only a matter of time till he,
Stops fretting about his trainers, and wakes up and sees...

Why can't you just take some interest, in me for once?
I think you're being ridiculous, with those white nike...


He bought new jeans and for 'the look' he ripped'em
Get me a weapon and I'll show you a fashion victim
Ch-ch-ch-check out his labels... they ma-ma-make me unstable
If you r-r-ripped out his labels he'd be unable

To move BITCH move BITCH, get out of my sight BITCH
I'll ITCH, ...I dunno if you've heard of this...
'I'm the boy that likes to clean my shoes for months,
You're just jealous of my white... NIKE DUNKS!'

Please could you shut up about dunks?
...I don't care about dunks
They make me sick from the back to the front.

You haven't took them off once,
And you've been cleaning them for months
I don't care about your white... Nike dunks.