Sir Interruptsalot Letra


We Never Change

Letra de Sir Interruptsalot
You should have seen their fucking faces.
Don't you ever touch my brother!
He is our gift to this world,
And I'll cut you like you've cut me.

God knows
The hottest spots in hell
Will be saved for you.

Run, run, run!
Breathe and wipe away those tears.
From your eyes.
You're my pride and I'll guard you with my life.

He shakes.
He Hides.
And he's all alone.

I'll strike back. Ya know?
Cuz' it makes easier for me
Some things in life, will change.
But we will stay the same.

Breathe and wipe those tears from your eyes.
This will be our day.
Time will heal our pain.
Again, again, again.

Run, run, run.
Breathe and wipe those tears from your eyes.
And I'll carve the sin from their hearts