Letra de Promisha
In a solitude of the sea,
Deep from human vanity..
And the pride of life that planned her.
As it was all taken away from me.

All the stars that fade from the sky.
As the moon laid her head down to rest
Between the night that conquers the calm, the calm sea.

And beautiful.

What foolish men we are today.
What foolish men we were.

Over the mirrors meant,
To glass the opulent.
What foolish men we are,
But at least they saved you from the cold.
Saved you...

Kiss those glazed eyes, the end is near.
And the frozen hearts that never melt.
And the frozen hearts that never melt.
We kiss the dim moon goodbye.
And the frozen hearts that beat again.
Numb toes, frozen eyelashes.

To: The calm sea
'My heart beats again...'