Letra de Kelvin Parade
am I only dreaming or is this the kelvin parade?
watching a winter sun slowly drift into the shade
leaving on Sunday so tired and alone
a westerly service I'm soaked to the bone

and I burn with love
in the night my friend no no no no
and the dreams I'm dreaming of
have no beginning or end
beginning or end

well I hope you find happiness somewhere tonight in the streets
where the radio cries to the hours and the night for release
but our friends and the strangers who pass through the lens
won't ever explain it or come back again


it's alright the fog is really rolling in now
through the front door and the quietness of this place
we can load up with the shifting house around us
won't you ride it on babe
won't you ride it on babe
won't you ride it on babe

so I came in to this room in my coat and my shoes
inside a night that will never be real or be true
Sunday so haunted and Monday so bright
how can I ever escape from the light?