Letra de Tramp Dogs
[B-Legit talking]
Oh, ha ha
Man, all bitches be tryin' to run a funky ass game
They be like way out with that ol' shit man
I know, man what's up
You ever hook up with that bitch E hooked you up with
No man but I ran into this ol' school bitch though
Man she tried to run that same ol' shit
The same ol' punk shit
Man check it out

Bumped into a bitch named Candy
Met her late nigh, kind of perved off brandy
Dick on numb and I was strikin' the o's
And that's the same bitch that wants to fuck my mo's
Pass the chance, I wanna bone the bitch
I gave her my number with the code 0-6
I told her to call when the nights get cold
And maybe she can ride on the three times gold
Game much colder than a twenty below
Cause baby beeped back and was ready to go
Now my nigga told me when I'm in pursuit
It's nathin' but Lance open after two
So I hops in my Cut and I'm about tah
Take this bitch to my house-ah
No she ain't comin' from Legitimate B
Cause hoes to me is tramp d's
And that's a tramp nigga, a straight up bitch
Fuckin' with Legit cause she figure I'm rich
But I'm just to make her dome swoll
Wait till I get her in the day room
The day room man where I get the draws
Bang the walls cause it ain't no laws
Because soon as I get her I'ma spank her
Hit it real hard then I shank her

[B-Legit talking]
Ah yeah, she one of them late night hoes
One of them late night broads man, it's two in the morning ya know
Ah, I already know the program I know why shit is
Yeah I ran her pants ya know
Ha ha ha

And Candy was a bitch like dandy
Diggin' for gold, with a kid buyin' Huggies by the boat load
Black shear shirt with the see-through sleeves
Thicker than a block of that government cheese
She used to have a man but he's up state
Snuck when I callher but I stay
And dude'll never ever see baby again
She needs another nigga to giver her some ends
So I peeps game and plays the role
And tell her how good she'll look in some gold
That must have been it, her magical spot
Cause after that have baby straight on top
Ridin' askin' if Legit can mack
And I was tryin' to give the bitch brain damage
She can keep fuckin' Legitimate B
Cause hoes to me is tramd d's
And that's a tramp nigga, a straight up bitch
Fuckin' with Legit cause she figure I'm rich
But I'm just to make her dome swoll
Wait till I get her in the day room

[B-Legit talking]
Day room
Yeah day room
Really don't know what the day room about though
Yeah, you'll have to tell me
Tell me about that

The day room man where I'm gettin' the draws
And baby tryin' to strip paint off the walls
Bashed the bitch and hittin' it swell
Holdin' on to her fake ponytail
A nigga like Legit straight tore shit up
Hit it from the back and dropped a nut in her gut
And that's about the time that the shit had changed
The tramp dog bitch started runnin' her game
About bein' depressed, down and out
And havin' no mail in her bank account
But all I can do when I listen to that
Is give her a biggie and find a sack
Meet me at the track about 3:15
And we can talk about makin' us some green
Give me a call, the Hillside Hog
But bitch you'll still be a tramp dog

[B-Legit talking]
Yeah, it's like this though man
I played the game with bitches right, right
It's like this the first one comes wins ya know, right
And I'm undefeated, undefeated ha ha
And it's like this if the bitch don't cum when I cum
Then she cum when I come back
Oh like that, like that
Ya know what I'm sayin' right
If she want mail she ain't gettin' shit
Bitch you better get a job, or something
Ya know, bitch
Yeah so I come through the drive-thru
And you don't say shit bitch
McDonald's, Burger King what not Taco Bell
Really want the check though, ol' bitch
You owe me ya buck bitch
That's my money, ha ha ha
Motherfucker come off that shit
Look she got five sixty
Oh a real ho
Nigga that's rent at the Hillside Terrace
What I say, that's what I'm talkin' about
Hey man but now I'm gone
Hey man but find some hoes we can hook up with later on
Like that
Yeah, call the bitches back
Well I'll get 'em though