Tired of being stepped on Letra


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Letra de Tired of being stepped on
Mack D-Shot, brought up by the middle class
I did time for crime cuz I was living ass
I spent two on the lockdown in Preston
To hire me is way out the question
Jail cells for a black man's punishment
Didn't give a damn cuz the other man's runnin it
Now I'm back on the streets, I gotta compete so
But you can't beat no case
When you're trapped in the system
The government, want you to diss them
Now I'm back on the bed, where I once slept on
I'm tired of being stepped on
I ain't prejudiced, I gots nathan on the white man
I'm only down for my folks who is right and
so what's wrong with potnah with the gat on the job
He wanna squab cuz it seems I'm the mob
Pull you over, then he searchin your whole car
Fo' deep and you gotta be the rock star
"So where's the crack main? So where's the gats main?
You know you brothers, you call it a black thang"
I'm not in your hood, up to no-good-ism
So won't you go on with all the old racism
Unless you want me to take, the law in my own hands
Cuz dude, I'm a strong man
And that's a black man, tired of being stepped on
In the late night, always get crept on
By some authority who needs to really be fired
Cuz Legit is straight tired
Play Bay, back of hill and up there by Real
Twenty-two months of eatin that stuff on a shingle
Ninety days left, I'm almost out of jail
On a mission about my meal, to the hillside of Vallel
There I will sell, rokcs so slick
Build up clientele, and hit the task hill
No other choice, I'm on parole I got a felony
I look for a job, but then they diss me, diss me
Man, my mother is disabled I ain't got no food on the table
All I can afford is noodles with the generic label
This goes on for about a week and a half
I need to think fast, I need some cash let me water my grass
and make it greener, then I started think of all types of
gimmicks and gadgets, as I looked through the cabinets
Man, what should I do my friend, hop in the game again?
I guess I'm headed for the pen