Let's get drunk Letra


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Letra de Let's get drunk
Chorus: repeat 2X
Now drink up, let's get drunk
Le-le, le-le, let's get drunk
Now drink up, let's get drunk
and throwup in the car, let's get drunk
I'm sideways doin about a buck fifty
Drunk and on some of that top of the line high on Carlos Rossi
Drunk about a gallon to the dome, then that's the hit
Everything's blurry, burnt twisted eyes bloodshot red
Straight up on four
Don't forget about Legit though
Danked out, and full of that Cisco
Siding with the proper dame I don't know her name
But I'm lovin this part of the game (yeah)
And I'ma take her for a real ride (uh-huh)
Somewhere deep in the hillside
I got about a eighth in the coo-ler (coo-ler)
I thinks this just might do her (might do her?)
And ain't nobody gonna stop me main (yeah)
Once I gets her sloppy main (sloppy main)
Drunk as a skunk, and high as a kite
I hope I don't earl on baby tonight
Used to be sophisticated, but now she's intosticated
High society stuck up broad, violated then graduated
If we was the seven, can we get eight? (uh-huh, sure)
Just by you forgettin to say (yeah)
And then the question later, just like my big ol middle finger
Such an ignorant question, sittin in the corner blushin
It's really no problems I'ma go head and side and like I'm hecka stuck
And watch baby drink up
Mack D-Shot needin a dose of that gin
Cause I'm in it to win, as I'm tossin a ten
to plug it right, that is my mo-tive
To dig real dip, as I explose this
And watch the expression, on her face (yeah)
It gets me off as I collaborate
But that's how it goes another night, another session
But the tender straight taught me a lesson
Night number two (yeah) I know I shoulda been sober (uh-huh)
But now I'm advanced, and I'm about to bend her over
I can't get enough of that fetti for real
And now I'm hopin that she's on the pill (yeah)
Day number three, I'm well prepared
I got my Eight Ball, and I'm ready to tear
I'm stiffer than a doorknob, I do the job
Enough to tell a friend, that D got in
Here we go again, and I'm in pursuit
I gotta hit the liquor store before two
Cuz me and D-Shot big ---- and Dan
Needs us a case of them tall cans
It's not a birthday, but let's celebrate
And get hella keyed cuz it's hella late
I gotta thank God that I'm still alive
Cuz last night I died about 3:45
I hit the lights quick and I jumped in the bed
And somethin went real wrong with my head
The room started spinnin and I needed a breeze
And somethin told me nigga don't you breathe
Dehydrated, nauseated, got a bad case of hiccup
Gotta go fetch some H2R, feel like I'm fits to upchuck
Gots ta have it, looks into the medicine cabinet
Hmm, there it is, plop plop fizz fizz
Oh what a fuckin relief it is
Mumblin and grumblin goes my stomach growling
I'm sick as the fuck I see the devil smiling
It's like a motor, I think I got a damn ulcer and shit
Every other fuckin day I'm tellin my sahies I quit
But you know that's drama, niggaz be barkin they ass off
Life is too boring, that's why I wakes up in the morning
Pervin swearvin runnin all into the curb and
Twisted on some of that cherry flavored bourbon, yeah