Dreams Letra



Letra de Dreams
Had a dream last night 'bout Juice last flight
But the plane touched down, he was holding Ally tight
No medics were in sight, no tears on the cheek
Me and George was on good terms, it was love when we speak
It was still dark out, me and the west coast moon
I couldn't help but ask God why he left so soon
He's running through my head
Heard them news I shared, quite a few, I said
Left my two eyes red
Then I grew quite scared
He rеminded me of the last еvening we shared
Said, if I ain't straighten up it'd be me that'd be dead, gave me chills
I told him I'd put away the pills and I thanked him for my career, I couldn't explain the way it feels
He said, "I could've shed a tear just now"
I told him I was wishing you was here just now
Lucky that I seen another year somehow
Now try and keep my head up when the tears come down
He said, "999"