Letra de Rose Thorns
I have nothing to remember you by.
Except your guiltless smile.
I fee like no one loves me back.
Like I am un loveable.

Even though I know this is not my end.
It sure feels like it.
Like I will die here tonight.
Lying on my death bed.

Outside I am normal.
But inside I am struggling to mend a broken heart.
These smiles are not real.
They are as fake as you.
Can you just let me hold you one last time?

What do I have to look forward to?
Whan everyday I have to see your face.

You washed my happiness away.
With the blood from my heart.
While you just smiles and laughed.

I'm longing to find the one.
But now I now that can't happen.
When the candle is almost blown out.