Leaving You Out In The Cold Letra

Chris Erben

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Letra de Leaving You Out In The Cold
You turned your back on me.
Now it's your time to pay for it.
How could you not see I would win this battle?

I tried so long to get the answers.
But now I have risen to my feet.
And turned the final page over.
I raise my fists in victory.
For I am free from the agony.

You opened my eyes.
And showed me how horrible a person could be.
When I watch you cry.
That is when I will truely be happy.

I'm not putting up with it anymore.
You selfish ways will come back to haunt you.
And when I'm done.
I will have no regrets.
I shut the door.
This time leaving you out in the cold.
Fuck you goodnight.