Letra de Affliction
Broken and bloody in his hell.
Shattered dreams.
Bloodstained clothes is all he has to his name.
Shuts out all the screams.
Closes his eyes and dreams of a better life.
A life away from hatered, anger, and abuse.
His only freedom are the dark and empty chambers of his mind.

Curled up on the floor.
Clenching his bloody fists.
Broken tears stream down his face.
Scars visible for all to see.
Knowing no one will come and save him.

He knows the beating are imminent.
He looks and sees the blood-spattered door knob turn.
And his heart sinks.
For the onslaught is coming.
WIth no sign or warning of his attacker.
Except the screams of his shattered mother.

No on hears the irrelevent screams.
Eyes roll back in his head.
It's such a sad sight.
Knowing nothing can be done.

All he has left are the scars from a life full of empty promises.
So he must lay there.
Broken in his misery.
Bleeding out his tears of blood.