Jawbreaker Letra



Letra de Jawbreaker
Now I'm going to show you
Before we get started
How to do two things that are very important
Number one
How to

Blow pop with the cape on it
Safe house I escaped from no place for me
Sidewalk hot
Put my face on it let the world hold me
I let the world hold me

Bomb pop with the fizz
I can be my own god and I will
I just feel raw down to my shins
Wanna feel the rain fresh through my skin
Running through the plains slave boy zen
Sea punk zen
Loose encounters with my past life and what I could've been
Take me for a spin
For what I have become is something else entirely
Surely now we're going under
Scuba mask skewed views
It seems we're just alike
(At least we thought)
Playing chess in the blind man's room/(Now we're fools with no light)
How you smell like fresh produce lil fruity mami boolin in the powder blue jeans
Acne t-shirt dreamsicle cream
It's so bright when I need it the least

Talking honeydew
Sea foam green
Pom pom pink
Light orange
Canary yellow periwinkle beams
I've never seen the other side of heaven though
I've never been so close to the centerfold

Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
I need attention
I need a lesson taught to me

She say she from the bronx
But that ass say LA
Los Angeles air ways pants animate with
Little damages from yesterday's amateur
Stunt man accident asking for my boarding pass
My bad my bad
Smoking psylocke in the Subaru sleigh now I'm feeling hella avatar Aang lemme check my change pocket
The lady's face twist like tube socks mid wash I'm on it I promise
Found stashed in the preme wallet holding my guala
Straight to the airplane why you bugging me darling
We row 9 right?
And I'm only on this flight cause I had some down time
Isn't that ironic?

I'm reeling super fast
I'm dealing with regrets
You're better than your past would show
You're riding on the future
You're coping with your humor
You're hiding all your sutures
Let's get sushi when time allows
Watch a bad movie
Cause I like you
Just don't let it get to your head
But I like you
Like you
Like you