Tape: Side B Letra



Letra de Tape: Side B
I don't mean much to myself
But that could change
We don't see shells
Rather hide em in that stain
That rah
That bang
No ideology explains
Just some orders in advance
I'm not easily persuaded
Still sorting my moods out
Take it as a sign
When the light cocoon sprout
A burst a black night
Wearing the swell
Gossamer seams
Duplicate dawn like stones in a lake
I remembered most days till I learned they're all the same
(That's just me)
(That's just me)

I can only blame
Yours truly
I can only claim
Yours truly
I can only trace shadows
I cannot erase
The past
I'm supposed to save your ass?
When I can't even save some cash?

Riding the big wave straight faced to my grave
I don't fuck with you niggas I don't waste any days
I elude every move when the impact soothes I'm a fool I'm a goon I'm a bruise not the wound

No holds barred on these niggas man
I'm saying no holds but please just be

Careful my dear
Sweet as Alabama apple pie
I wanna get out
I wanna get out