Mango (Mountain Version) Letra



Letra de Mango (Mountain Version)
I faintly caught your engine humming from my basement
Like a conversation I wasn't meant to hear
Dreamcast with the color scheme
A halo on your hoopty
Speaker on the seat
Old tires need changing
These old liars squeezing tall tales out of dry fruit
Fly through same way light ray cascading barely graze the window sill
As it does and always will
I'd double cross my own blood before I'd make yours boil
Ooh you so spoiled
Ooh I miss your voice
But I hate your choice of words

You act as if I'm oblivious
I know you see the knife and think how easy it would be
Me too
So hollow yet so heavy at once
My bed feels like a tomb
I told you I'm a mess and you shrugged
We smoking just enough for a buzz
You kiss like you had something to prove

And I can be whatever you want
But I'll never be what you need

Nature comes and goes (comes and goes yeah)
(Comes and goes goes goes comes and goes yeah)
Walls don't make a home (make a home home home home)
(Make a home yeah)
Mango sweet as honey
[?] all you want (all you want want want)
(All you want)
[?] all you want