Letra de Rocket
Inhabit this sequence
In spite of your recent
In height eye to the season
I breathe in the range
The repetition keeps me decent
I could descent but you
Put turbo into my insole
I'm good on the strength
Out in Van Nuys eating pad thai
With a man from the Emerald Isle
I Uber back it takes a while
He understands I'm tired
So he keeps the radio quiet for me

FM or AM
Agenda awaken
The tender awaken
You make what you pay
Enough in a phrase
Don't lead me astray
We'll make it a day
You make what you pay
And the sound held like a baby skeleton
Shame the tele don't tell you when he wrong
(So long overdue, gone like Blockbuster
Far like star cluster)
Spider waltz with the silk
Samurai touch the hilt
Skyframe so far
Skyframe so near
I didn't ask and you didn't offer
Stay isolated like Kobe in Staples
The denim from Naples Italy
Progression meet nature, history
We puffing a face full, giving tree
My niggas we racing, living free
Are you living me or forgetting me?
Mono e mono, nigga get a fee
Call in a favor, use sidekick or razor?
You dead over paper, the fetti, the skrilla
My time is important, I'm petty I'll bill you
Pay up my nigga

Rockets chasing rockets, Mars fit in jars
Gardens in my pockets, we won't make it far
Drawings on my arms, stickers on your car
Similar in sentiment, I did my part

I'm not absolved of attachment. Foreign motion is foreign feeling, is recognizable but ultimately incomprehensible. The language evades me, it's hands on a leash with no pet. Or mabe it's the pet, or what the pet chases. All I can do is lead the search party. Tak now what I need, but what I'm capable of holding

Not only occurring, but immersed
Slept on the floor, the fan by the door
Kept on through June
I kept on with you, I kept on with you
No ETA, no reaching
May divinities play referee, between us
Why would I depend on motivation?
So inconsistent rather focus on intention
Quick to mention accomplishments
To show that we're invested in ourelves
Deepak chopra on my health, cleaner chakra aura swell
Scene from mothra tore my shell, showed my ass, might as well, might as well
Sunny D my iris, peering into bangles
Striped up Cincinanati, dread strong since a natty
Rather see a nigga laughing, Morrissey I see nowere fast
You don't make me explain, I appreciate

Understood, understood, understood, understood
Understood, understood, understood, understood

Save some Atlantis for me, save some Havana for me
Blading through 'beca like Lucio, save some Mecca Mercutio
Plague on your cribbo, if you leave me here
We play it by ear, you play in my hair
So I can forget all the troubles we share
I try to erase it, I brace for the pavement
You saving to live in a LA in a year
I'm painfully aware of my surroundings, at all times
To say I feel it is an understatement and to hold a body is to know eleation
But I keep evading, mmm
Keep braking, mmm
Deep woosa, make ammends
Big Bankroll, change a man
To the world, till the end

Understood, understood, understood, understood
Understood, understood, understood, understood
Understood, understood, understood, understood