Letra de Drift
Never could maintain contact
No one can bring my uncle back

Can I need you soon?

Candy, for my sail
Stranded, embracing deep pale
My mother said
Ain't nobody owe you shit
Ain't nobody owe you shit

Bought iguanas just to let 'em go
Bottle highs sell 'em for the low
VR video
Porno disappointing
I can't relate with a white dick
I can't escape when the night hit
Got a text from an old friend
Talking 'bout "nigga where you been?"

In my skin
In my thoughts
Off rip
I'm just counting down blocks
To my refuge
Plenty capable
I don't need rescue
But it helps when you drift through
But it helps when you drift through

Look down at my wrist awful human it is
I see uncles and aunties my ice in a grip
Between blue as in airless
Run with the restless, no Paris
It's local bucha and Ferris wheels
Don't give into what the careless feel
I hold a peel off a quarter mill
For my morning meal
Now my tummy still
Niggas testing my limits I offer deals
Never overkill
Slow stroke water never spill
Slowpoke got a pink cover on a yellow field
Wheat sells but it ain't gold
Put my daddy's plans on hold
I'ma do me, I got new goals
I got new goals, I got new goals

Flip it and clip it then sell it
Drip by the minute I tell 'em
Big tour feeling real now
Billboards don't look down