Fuji Unlimited Letra



Letra de Fuji Unlimited
Commodore 64
You're worth mentioning
Motion memories
My fuji unlimited
Monte handle edit
Endless stream
Harpoon new sequence
See consolidation keep us close
Just beads to sequins
Patterns stack as argyle do
Me and tommy pickles know the crib is just a start line
Curled up in sherpa my legs cross like good luck
Slight high off this & that
Head down
Hood up

Device on low bright
My eyes still rose bud from reasons only you know
Reasons only you know

Lapses in assurance no harm
Condom free
Back in fourth grade drinking cola
That kind of free
That bleeds into belief

Enter delusion
Stage right
Naive assuming
You're light won't dim
I'd rather hold you in the dark
That's when i need you most

Echo mood
My armour shapeshift
Manual zoom
The closer i get
The less i have to try

You gotta double face em
Can't come undone if you got to run