Letra de Daisy
It's not coming as simply as i'd like
When i'm speaking, you listen, but don't let me off the hook
Offer perspective before answer
Live beyond your words
Absolutes are momentary
Over a bird is a hand losing grip

Move as if a gemini
Born leonardo
Free up aquemini
Sun roof cleo
It be crystal balling
Cumulo black tint
It be nether worlding
Heavy metal back when

I was seeing life daisy
Everything daisy
Petal push daisy

To be alive in the sun
All colliding at once
We was diamonds is all
Drink the ocean & run

How far is your house?
Is your father still home?
We should stop at the store
Take advice from the road

Flying bikes through the storm
I couldn't tell if you knew
How i felt about you
Lost a fight with my youth

Had a story to tell
You forgot, but it's cool
Just a memory of memories
Along the spool

You never changed your mind

Perfect compensation like nursing dolls to health
It's not real
But we play for the little ones

In my chest there is more
There is colour
True to me
Even the clouds are losing sleep
This feeling is
True to me

Strange days

Glazed sigh
Grazed fine on the krispy kreme
It ain't fresh, but it's still sweet
Unfinished floor amongst other things
Level with my means
Asked me to that thing
When you know it's not my scene
Like an extra with no lines
I'd rather not be seen
In the final cut
Striations in our fronts
At the dmv
Thinking this would be the worst place to die
Waiting for eternity
My enhanced state i.d
Why i gotta pay to be me?

Common grounds has shown me there's a warmer side
I don't see it often
When i look outside, i see all of their lives
Not mine
Little black kids with a canyon through the side
I hang glide over
When i look outside
I see all of their lives
Not mine