Arboretum Letra



Letra de Arboretum
Exchange glances through arboretum
Exchange secrets with weeping willows
Exchange proximity for a better understanding
The details in our detachment are interesting
I won't accessorize your mentality
Don't accessorize my feelings
I promise, i swear
Pop quiz:
Orange juice or apple juice?
Prince or michael jackson?
Nike or adidas?
Longevity or impact?
What's more important?
Opinions can be wrong
Bigotry likes assumption
They get along well
You forgot my name
You can forget my name as long as you remember what i said
And that doesn't mean i don't want credit
It's just not the point
Display cognizance
Show me

Show me

We smoking power in your father's den
I think it's weird your father has a den
My father got an apartment where i haven't been since who knows when
Do you know them?
Or are they here cos your pool got a hot tub?
No, i don't like that one dude in the questlove hoodie
Cos i brought up the roots, & he looked confused
I am not the rule
I just see the clues
And i really like

Staying up with you
Getting up with you
Having lunch with you
Whatever you want to do

Rip tide
Shore side
Long time coming
Long time been here
Long time knew you
I was here & i'm in it
I don't know much
But i know us

Fall in love with you
Just might take you to the moon
Just might see you in the daytime
I wanna know your morning routines